UnF*ck your Dead Bedroom

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UnF*ck your Dead Bedroom

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If the last time you felt truly connected in the bedroom was your birthday, then THIS is for you!

  • Remember that crazy ‘honeymoon’ style intimacy where she craved your touch
  • Remember the times you’d get that message to come home early from work because she couldn’t wait to jump your bones?
  • Remember when she looked at you with true desire because of WHO you were, not from what you did FOR her?

2 reviews for UnF*ck your Dead Bedroom

  1. William

    I just wanted to say that this book has already changed my relationship. I know I have a long way to go but I have started small and tried things you have suggested and they really work. We men need to constantly sharpen our swords. Thank you Adam Aleks

  2. Garrett

    Thank you Adam. I’m half way through it. There’s not a lot of wasted content. It’s harsh and to the point. Definitely one of the best men’s books I’ve read on sex and relationships. This book helped me think differently about my girlfriend and make some changes to improve. Thank you for writing it Adam and taking the time.

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