Is it possible to get the intimacy back?

….of course it is!

If the last time you felt truly connected in the bedrom was your birthday, then THIS is for you!

  • Remember that crazy ‘honeymoon’ style intimacy where she craved your touch
  • Remember the times you’d get that message to come home early from work because she couldn’t wait to jump your bones?
  • Remember when she looked at you with true desire because of WHO you were, not from what you did FOR her?

If You Don’t Take Care Of This Issue NOW, It WILL Only Get Worse!

What most men do when dealing with a sexless marriage is totally the wrong thing:

•Doing more chores
•Pleasing her whenever possible
•Bending over backwards and being the ‘yes dear’ man

Be honest, how has this worked out for you so far?

•Even more stuff to do at home for mediocre sex
•You still get rejected most of the time, despite all your efforts
•You feel unloved, disrespected because you feel you’re basically paying for obligation sex with what you do, not who you are

And what do you think will happen if you proceed like that? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

  • After years of starfish sex, and doing tons of chores to get one mediocre sex-act in months, I went on a journey to find answers.

Most of what you find online these days is useless for men. They’ll tell you to communicate more with her, tell her how you feel and play into her frame.

I’m here to tell you from my own experience NONE OF THIS WORKS.

I don’t claim to have all the guru answers, but I do know from my own experience and the experiences of hundreds of other men I’ve helped to create a framework for the only true, honest, no bullsh*t way to get your wife lusting after you again. 

It continues to work for me and for thousands of other men just like you.

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