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Hey there, I'm Adam

I’m here to help you simplify relationship  strategies, become self-actualized and drive out your life on your terms. 

I don’t repair broken relationships. Instead, I help men reclaim their worth, attraction and desirability, by teaching you the truth no one else did.  

  • Guys like you, who’ve found themselves in a dead bedroom
  • Guys like you, who just want a healthy sexual  relationship
  • Guys like you who’ve found themselves wearing the tag of a ‘worker bee’ provider man

Quite simply, I fix men like you.


I literally have salt water running through my veins. I’m drawn to the ocean with such force that it’s hard to express in words how grateful I am to see it, touch it and smell it every day. For those of you who’ve tried it, there is so much truth in the statement that ‘only a surfer knows the feeling’.

I know how this type of connection can create an inner balance. 

I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in a consulting and coaching career. Just how my grandparents wanted a better life for my parents than their hardship through the second world war, mine just wanted me to go to university and forge a big career. So I did this, and I did it for years. I mastered the skills to lead large teams and became sought after.    

But along the way, I lost sight of those really important moments. (more on this later)

I married in my late twenties and over the years had 3 incredible kids.

My career strengthened and I managed projects all over the world, delivering massive transformational change into businesses both large and small. I forged a solid name for my personal brand in the industry, always delivered and loved leading teams doing what I did.

But along the way, life got on auto pilot, my personal goals become just dreams and I complacently existed in the marriage as the plow horse provider male. 

It’s common for men to be blind to the train wreck of middle age. I always thought that my relationship was different and my wife was unique.  We’d joke about couples that broke up as we felt immune to the gravity of divorce.  Ironically, after the relationship started to break down I made all the cliched mistakes a person could make in trying to ‘win her back’.  I know what it’s like to have a mindset where you truly believe you’re responsible for every problem deep within the marriage.  I know why men actively chose to take on this responsibility. 

Then in 2016 I found inner-game and became good with women again.  I learned to trust in my own confidence in any social setting. With this new belief system, I not only became self actualized and started living on my own terms, but I become a new version of myself I could be proud of.  I significantly advanced my career, started a side hustle and achieved to a new level of fitness.  All in my early 40’s!   

What they don’t tell you, is that there’s a way forward which contains a far better future than what you think you have right now.  Unplugging from this mindset is like an awakening where your clarity becomes laser focused and you view the world differently, seeing opportunity within yourself you never thought possible.  Despite the loss of time with my kids, financial, and hours of anxious white knuckling, I wouldn’t change a thing.  

At 44, now every day I consciously choose a path of positivity, love and abundance, over fear, anxiety and scarcity.  I could have easily become a jaded and hardened man hating the world, myself and all women, but I chose not to.  Instead, I’ve decided to relentlessly improve myself and I’m privileged to be able to help others do the same.

When I look back at my life experiences, I see a surfer who wrestled with the career and obligation of being the noble provider husband, but despite failures, discovered his sexual value and masculine worth. 

I see a dad that inspires his kids to take on challenges they never thought possible. 

I see a writer who puts words together that changes the way you see something. 

And I see an entrepreneur who helps people create a legacy that impacts people all over the world. 

You see, I never wanted to change the world. I was meant to change the world by helping men like you who want to change themselves.

Men, there is no time left to lose.

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